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What Is Business Technology Support

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Business technology support is often described as the services that aid in the delivery of technology products, such as computer, software, and mobile devices to the end-user within a business environment.

•Technical Assistance: Many are well acquainted with technical help that is available via email, a help desk, an online support center or a call center.  These sources of technical assistance traditionally assist with equipment and software issues. Fast emerging is also assistance through remote access.  Remote assistance allows a technicians access to the user’s work station via the internet in order to quickly and more cost effectively diagnosis and begin repairing issues. Remote access is ideal for computer optimization and the removal viruses or spyware, among other issues that they can repair remotely.  This is a prefect option for business clients and home office clients that cannot easily bring equipment into a repair shop.

•Managed Services: Managed Service Providers have the ability to handle all of your business technology or specific pieces on an on-going basis that is set up at a fixed monthly fee. These services typically include monitoring and maintenance of servers, network security, back-up solutions, cloud services, and vendor management.  Many Managed Service Providers can also provide solutions for helpdesk, on-site services, and other customized technology solutions for your business and industry.  This model of outsourced IT support has been growing within small businesses, because it is often difficult and very costly to have an in-house IT staff with this level of skill and experience.  It is also an extremely effective way for small business to handle technology cost and gain access to new technology solutions.

•Technology Advisors & Consultants: Business technology support can move to a higher level and provide small business owner’s access to Trusted IT Service Advisors. These Advisors work closely with the client to understand the long-term business goals in order to make strategic recommendations and develop a technology plan. This includes informing the business about new technical solutions that will allow them to grow and be more productive, giving them a leg up on their competition. The advantage of utilizing this type of business technology support is that the business gains access to an IT professional who helps them grow and achieve future goals with the help of new technology solutions.

Yes, business technology support covers a wide variety of services and options.   All you have to do now is decide what level of business technology support you need!



Understanding the Heartbleed Bug

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Yesterday an enormous exploit was announced impacting OpenSSL, the open-source software package extensively used to encrypt Web communications. They named this exploit the Heartbleed Bug. Many have questions about what this bug is, how it will impact them, and what they should do to protect themselves online. Hopefully this post will help you answer these questions and more about the Heartbleed Bug.

What is the Heartbleed Bug?
The Heartbleed Bug uncovers a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library that permits attackers to access to highly sensitive data that is regularly protected by the SSL/TLS encryption methods. This sensitive data includes username, passwords, credit card numbers and information on virtual private networks (VPN’s).


What is does?
This noxious Bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software,” according to The bug compromises the secret keys OpenSSL utilizes to encrypt online communications. With access to these secret keys, attackers are able to eavesdrop on communications, impersonate other users and steal information.


Who discovered it?
The Bug was uncovered a late last week by the Finnish security firm Codenomicon and analysts at Google who then revealed it on Monday. By mid-day Tuesday many websites stated they had already addressed the issue, or were in the process of upgrading their websites OpenSSL.


Are you at risk?
OpenSSL is the most commonly used open source cryptographic library and TLS implementation source to encrypt data on the Internet, so the answer is yes you are likely at risk. Popular social sites, your organization’s site, hobby and interest website, commerce or shopping websites and even government sites use OpenSSL and therefore may be impacted by this Bug.


What should you do to protect yourself?
Experts suggest that refraining from using the Internet for 2-3 days, specifically from accessing social sites, banking sites, and email accounts will give you the ultimate level of protection against the Heartbleed Bug. This is not realistic for most us, so it is suggested that you change all of your passwords once the OpenSSL update has been installed on the impacted website.

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