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Why Fly When You Can Skype?

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shutterstock_171075893-300x200Ugh, air travel. It just keeps getting worse and worse. The combination of over-sold flights, cramped seats, lost luggage and weather delays have made business travel more frustrating than ever. Luckily there are great video communication alternatives to expensive and time-consuming business travel.

Microsoft Introduces Skype for Business

Each month, over 300 million people use Skype to communicate with long-distance family, friends and colleagues. Microsoft announced in 2014 that they were updating Lync, their business communications “chat” app. The update product is known as Skype for Business. It’s based on Skype’s design yet draws on many of Lync’s features. Here’s what you can expect from this new Microsoft business product that is scheduled to be available in April 2015:

  • Skype for Business features enterprise-grade security, compliance and IT control.
  • Users can search for and connect with anyone in the Skype network. Users can connect with others who are either inside or outside the same organization. Just use Skype’s directory to contact any user on any device.
  • Skype for Business doesn’t require any new hardware. Current Lync users can easily update to Skype for Business Server within their datacenters. For Office 365 users, service is easily available via the online version of Office.
  • Skype for Business is integrated into Microsoft Office and has built-in features that deliver IM, voice, video calls and online meetings.

Skype for Business – Give it a Try!

If you have used Skype only for family-friendly holiday chats with long distance family members, you might want to try video business conferencing. Plus, if you have been using Lync, it’s time to upgrade to Microsoft’s Skype for Business.

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