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How To Use Social Media

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The words “social media” can be intimidating if you are new to the idea. We have a few simple tips to give you the confidence you need to make a splash in the social networks.

  1. Just Jump In. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never visited Twitter before. Create an account and start Tweeting! Find users who share interests or are already talking about your industry. Follow them. Respond to questions or comments about your niche.
  2. Be Honest. This is crucial. Social network users can smell a poser a mile away. Write like a human and you won’t end up sounding like a robot, or even worse, a sales pitch. Don’t pretend to be more knowledgeable than you are and do share your enthusiasm for the job you do. Throw in some personal posts or Tweets so others can feel that human connection that we all crave.
  3. Use Apps. Stellar apps like HootSuite and similar social network management systems can make your life much easier. You can set up posts in advance, view your feeds at a glance, and monitor keywords of your choice.
  4. Share Cool Stuff. Everyone likes to learn something new, laugh at a one-liner, or see something truly inspiring. Give people a reason to pay attention to your social presence by promoting quality content. This can include your products or services!
  5. Participate In Events. Twitter has a number of follow-back games you can use to boost your following – while giving someone else a boost at the same time! Facebook and other social networks are perfect places to get to know others through fan pages, events, and more.

These 5 easy tips are all you need to know in order to get your social media experience off to a good start. Don’t stress; this is just another way to communicate with the world about your amazing business!

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Halli Evans Halli Evans

Halli Evans is the Director of Marketing for the Geeks On Call franchise system. Ms. Evans expertise covers the spectrum of both online and traditional marketing including social media management, building online campaigns, project management, in bound marketing, and effective copy writing. As the marketing champion for Geeks On Call, she identifies opportunities to educate and enhance the client experience with Geeks On Call, and to keep Geeks On Call positioned as an IT services leader.

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