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Risky Business: Is Your Business Using Unsupported Products?

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GOCBlogAfter Microsoft XP’s demise last year, we hope that you followed the migration guidelines and are no longer using Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Office 2003. If you didn’t follow through on those important upgrades, you have a problem on your hands. If your business is using Microsoft Server 2003 your problems are about to get even more complicated. Continuing to use unsupported products such as Windows XP, Office 2003 and Server 2003 can be a risky business with dangerous consequences.

Don’t Ignore Microsoft Server 2003′s Deadline

Server 2003 is scheduled to join the Microsoft legacy list on July 14, 2015. Ignoring this deadline is not an option. Here’s why:

Compliance Issues:  The Department of Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team has been issuing alerts about the demise of Server 2003. Just the mention of Homeland Security indicates that this is an issue of major concern. Enterprises that are subject to regulatory obligations and are still running Server 2003 after July 14 are in danger. Any organization not meeting standard compliance requirements can face the suspension of certifications. This can lead to non-compliant issues and legal peril that can damage your business’ reputation.

Security Issues:  Homeland Security has issued warnings that continuing to run Server 2003 after the deadline will leave your business open to elevated cybersecurity risks. Your business’ data and customer information will be at risk to viruses, hackers and spyware. Don’t become a victim of cybercrime by leaving your most valuable assets at risk.

Upgrade Expenses: As a business owners, don’t try to save money by neglecting an upgrade. This is not the place to trim costs. You could end up dealing with problems that are significantly more expensive than the cost of an upgrade.

Consider Alternatives to Microsoft Server 2003

Windows Server 2012 R2 offers a long list of improvements over Server 2003 such as including better scalability, security, new operational roles and more.  Avoid Server 2008 because that product already reached the end of mainstream support in January 2015.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud hosted version of Office applications that is offered as a subscription service. The subscription format means you that won’t need to upgrade your Office products in the future. The subscription format enables a monthly or annual subscription fee that offers access to the latest version of the products you need.

Azure is Microsoft’s hosted server product developed for IT integrators. Azure enables applications and software to be deployed on an individual rather than a collective basis. A hybrid of Office 365 and Azure can be an alternative for industries that have developed applications that are reliant on 32 bit technology.

Avoid Risky Business!

Are you the owner of a small to medium sized business and are still using Microsoft Server 2003, Windows XP or Office2003? If yes, we strongly encourage that you take immediate action. Continuing to use unsupported products can place your business in serious jeopardy. Geeks On Call can help you understand your migration options. Contact Geeks On Call today and one of their technology professionals can work with you to develop an upgrade strategy.

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