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Are You Using the Right Tool for the Right Job?

wrong-technologyDoes it seem that your employees are not being as productive as you had expected? That might be true, but let’s not jump to the assumption it’s entirely the fault of the employees. Office inefficiencies are often caused by outdated or misused technology. In other words, the wrong tools can actually be at the root of the inefficiency problem. The 1907 slogan, “The Right Tool for the Right Job,” is still completely significant in today’s digital work environment.


Is Your Current Technology Really Working for You?

Here are several technology solutions that could significantly enhance your business’ productivity with little to no investment.

  • Productivity: Add a second screen to a computer and that employee’s productivity can be increased by as much as 50%.
  • Flexibility: Add an inexpensive solution (some solutions are even free!) that will keep data secure on your office computer while you can access it at any time from any location. Don’t waste time by continuing to email files to yourself. Are you still dealing with the confusion of multiple versions of the original file?
  • Communications: Add a client relationship management (CRM) solution that can enhance efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. You could link your CRM to your current phone system.  Also, consider upgrading your phone system. Remember that lost messages and missed phone calls lead to losses in revenues and missed opportunities.
  • Data Security: Add an automated online backup solution and secure your business’ critical data. Your business can save as much as 10 hours per week with an automated online backup solution.

It’s Time for a Technology Assessment

A yearly assessment of your business’ technology is important. Many business owners avoid this assessment based on the assumption that improvements will be prohibitively expensive. Trust us, not all improvements are costly. Sometimes even small and affordable changes can deliver profits to your business’ bottom line.

Geeks On Call can help you make an informed decision about your business’ technology. Give your local Geeks On Call office a call and one of their technology professionals will be happy to work with you and develop a customized plan for your business.


Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Can Help Your Business

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around RMM meaning Remote Monitoring and Support otherwise called Proactive Monitoring. Let’s  investigate what this term implies and how it can enhance and profit your business.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance – What is it?

RMM is watching your technology 24/7. It keeps an eye on your network and servers to get a perspective on the overall status of your technology. This technology checking creates alerts on a real time basis with the specific end goal of identifying issues that require remedial attention. This type of corrective action can take place rapidly before the problem can even affect the business.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Remote Monitoring and Maintenance?

Early Identification of Problems: When you have measures set up to proactively identify problems within your technology system, you have the chance to amend the issues before they can negatively impact your business. Additionally, RMM can draw your attention to problems that could negatively impact customer satisfaction, productivity by your employees and ultimately the financial bottom line of your business.

Manage Costs: Being proactive about your business’ technology systems enables you to get a handle on the life expectancy of your equipment. If equipment is reaching the end of its life span, a business owner can start budgeting in advance for the inevitable replacement of aging technology. Planning in advance will pre-empt expensive emergency repair bills from an IT service provider. Furthermore, you can manage your expenses and work flow when you plan for the update of technology and systems.

Manage Productivity of Employees: As a business owner, consider how your employees use their time. Keep your employees’ workflow maximized by handling upgrades to the equipment after work hours. RMM’s proactive alerts will let you on how an employee’s equipment is functioning and will let you know when a problem is brewing. This will help you maintain a strategic distance from technical fiascos.

Start Advancing Your Business and Stop Just Surviving: Does your IT Service professional spend all of their simply putting out fires. This leaves no to execute new innovations and produce real results. Change and innovation are critically important to the success of your business. This is what is going to enable your business to move to the next level. When you stop putting out technology fires every day, you can redirect your efforts to discovering new approaches that will develop and enhance your business.

Enhance Your Business Knowledge:  Enhance your business management skills by understanding how all of the equipment and supplies function within your business. When RMM is implemented into your business, a thorough technology appraisal is activated. The results enable both the business owner and the IT professional to have a comprehensive understanding of how the technology is functioning. This provides a snapshot of how the technology is serving or actually thwarting your business processes and objectives.

Now you are armed with a reasonable understanding of RMM’s capabilities and how it can profit your business. Contact your local Geeks On Call expert and ensure that you are being proactive with your business’ technology.

6 Reasons Outsourced IT Support is a Good Idea!

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Outsourced IT support is becoming more and more popular with regard to both small and medium sized businesses and large corporations.  Outsourced IT support usually consists of a combination of the following services: hosting as well as web development and maintenance; data storage and back up via cloud solutions; application and computer software development; database development and management; program support and management; telecommunications; data security; help desk and/or tech support services.

Business owners see the value in outsourcing as a way to remain competitive by access the latest technological know-how and utilizing skilled technology professionals while still keeping the bottom-line in mind.

Here are 6 reasons why Outsourced IT Support may be a good idea for your business:

1: Equipment Cost Control: A new business can really benefit from the cost savings associated with the cost of IT infrastructure. Although, a business at any stage of maturity can use the money saved related to IT infrastructure and re-invested into various revenue making initiatives.

2: Stability: An important factor for any business is stability. Moving to an outsourced IT support model can help your business gain the stability it desires (at least for your IT department). Time wasted on employee hiring and training will be a thing of the past, equipment upgrades will be handled at convenient times that you deem acceptable and technical problems will be monitored proactively so they become almost nonexistent.

3: Efficiency Technical Expertise: This benefit can be felt immediately, true technology experts will be able to seamlessly integrate and easily become familiar and understand your systems.  Those who focus on delivering outsourced IT support have technical expertise and offer efficient strategies to benefit their clients.

4: Operational Cost Control: You are only paying for the IT services that you have outlined as needed with your outsourced IT support provider, therefore keeping costs controlled. You are also able to save in other areas like rent by needing a smaller workplace for fewer workers, less equipment, and other personnel related expenses.

5: Remain Competitive: You don’t need to break the bank on IT expenses to stay competitive. Outsourced IT support providers can use their leverage, having multiple clients, to get you access to “big business” technological know-how and professional expertise for a low budget prices that you need for your business to remain competitive. This competitive edge will make an impression on your clients.

6: Run Your Business: Concentrate on your business and what you do well and stop wasting time and energy on technology issues. When you trust your business to an outsourced IT support service professional they handle technology issues and take a proactive approach to preventing issues.